When will my order ship and arrive?

In the current global climate, orders are shipped within 1-10 business days of receipt. Standard fulfillment times are within 1-5 days. We hope to return to our standard times shortly. Given the current postal climate, we cannot guarantee or offer an arrival time on any packages. You will be provided a tracking number with your order, so that you may track it in transit. Please review our full Shipping and Returns Policy here.

How is my crystal, bracelet or energy tool “charged”?

Every one of our crystals is picked for quality, beauty and high vibration, and our unique designs are created with intention. All of our crystals, gemstones, energy tools and ascension jewelry are cleared with Selenite, smudged with sage and charged with healing energy and positive intentions before shipping.

What size of bracelet should I choose?

We offer a range of sizes, from XS-6.5", S-7", M-7.5", L-8" and XL-8.5". Women's Standard size is 7”. Mens Standard size is 8". We suggest measuring your wrist and adding 1/2-1" for comfort and depending on how fitted you want it.

What bracelet should I choose?

If you are working with a specific chakra and/or intention, we recommend reading the bracelet descriptions to gain more clarity on which bracelet can support your process. If you find yourself drawn to a particular design, then those are the crystals your higher self seeks. Look out for our Crystal Guide, coming soon! It will showcase the intentions and chakras and inform you on which crystals and Shaman Sisters designs are intened for each.

Do you offer jewelry repairs and bracelet resizing services?

We do not offer jewelry repairs but we do offer resizing services. If your bracelet, mala, necklace or anklet needs restringing within 30 days of purchase - other than for resizing - we will restring it at no additional cost. After 30 days of purchase, and for all resizing purposes, there is a $10 fee associated with restringing bracelets and necklaces and a $25 fee associated for restringing malas. Please review our full Resizing and Repairs Policy here.

Is the shop open?

Yes, the physcial shop is open! Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday from 12pm to 6pm and Saturday from 12pm to 5pm. We are being mindful of social distancing and providing hand sanitizer at the door. We also have masks and if you'd like to us to wear one, we're happy to oblige.

What is your return policy?

You have 30 days from the date of purchase/shipping date, to return your item for exchange or refund. It must returned in the same condition as it was purchased/delivered, in the same packaging and you must have a receipt for your order (if it was purchased in-shop). Please review our full Shipping and Return Policy here.

What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact us is through email at We have a dedicated team of CS representatives that would love to hear from you.

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