Service Delivery 

Services will be delivered in person or online, based on the agreement made upon booking your service. 

For changes to service delivery, after a set method of delivery is set, please contact us at at least 72 hours before your appointment date and time. 

We cannot guarantee that a change of delivery method will be avaialbe but we will try our best to accomodate your request.

You are responsible for showing up to your appointment on time. Showing up late will result in less time with the practitioner unless otherwise communicated with the practitioner. 

Please communicate with your practitioner and/or our admin team at if you fear that you will be late. We will do our best to accomodate. 

Event Delivery: Workshops, Courses, Ceremonies and Retreats

Events, including but not exclusive to workshops, courses and ceremonies, will be delivered in person, online or via a combination of both in person and online.

Online paid events will be recorded and a recording will be shared with paying attendees, via email or through an online platform that affords them access to either download or view the materials. 

Offline live events will not be recorded. 

You are responsible for showing up to the event you've registered for, on time and with all the tools expressed to you in the registration process for the event. 


For online events, there is a 15 minute window from the start of the workshop where you may contact our admin team at with concerns and difficulties regarding joining the event.  After this window has expired, we are not accountable for your inability to attend the event.  We highly recommend registering through Zoom and checking in to the event at least 15 minutes prior to it's start time, to ensure that you don't have any difficulties.

For in person events, there is a 10 minute window from the start of the workshop where you may enter the space. After this 10 minute window has closed, and if it has not otherwise been negotiated with the host of the event and/or a member of our admin. team, you will have missed the event. We do this to honour people's time and so as to not be disruptive to other attendees. In these situations, you forfeit the exchange made for that event. 

Delivery and cancellation policies around our retreats will be communicated on a per retreat basis. 

Please communicate with our admin team at if you fear that you will be late beyond the 10 minute window noted above, when attending Live Events. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Booking and Registration Refunds

To be eligible for a full refund on any booking with one of our service practitioners, we require 48 hours notice. 

To be eligible for a full refund on any registration for one of our events, we require 72 hours notice. 

Cancellation within the 48/72 hour window will result in a credit on your account, that may be used as follows; 

- Service Bookings; as a credit towards the same service or another service offered by the same practitioner 

- Event Registrations; as a credit towards any future event offered by us 

Cancellations within 24 hours of a service or event bookings and registrations are non-refundable and will result in the loss of funds exchanged for the service. 

If you paid in full or paid in instalment for an event that spans over multiple parts (where applicable), the 72hour window for a full refund is afforded 72 hours before the first part of the event begins.

If you would like to cancel your paid in instalment agreement after the beginning of part 1 but before the completion of the multiple part event, you forfeit the rate associated for registering with Part 1 of the event, and will be required to pay the balance owed between the pay in instalment and pay per part/direction rate communicated on the event webpage.

Reasons for No Refund; Bookings and Registrations 

You show up late and cannot get in: beyond the windows made available and outlined above. 

You change your mind mid session/event.

You cancel within 24 hours of the session/event date and time. 

Additional Information 

For additional questions about our Delivery and Cancellation Policy, email us at