Above the Clouds

Embodying Balanced Harmonics

A Workshop Brought to you by Shaman Sisters® and Avatara Ananda

We are all here to bear witness to a great expansion.  To experience a collective awakening into a new way of being. 

It's time to shine a spotlight on the divine truth of who and where we are, how we got here and where we're going.

Join us in this three-part freestyle workshop with alchemist Avatara Ananda, as we explore our current state of being and tap into our infinite potential.


Learn to release Lack, Fear & Longing while cultivating inner Peace & Contentment, so that you may align with the Inner Authority to command your own life-experience into being.

There is only one divine truth and it is the union of unconditional love (God, Source, Universe etc.) and the awareness/creative expression of this love (Consciousness).


When we are in forgetfulness that we are an individuated aspect of this divine union/unity, we may be easily pulled into false realities that are constructed outside of the divine laws of creation.


When we are aware of both our true nature and the opposing polarity of artificial creation, we are empowered to self -determine and self-realize.


This opens the way for the embodiment of spiritual freedom that is deeply anchored in our precise discernment of truth from matrix.


All well-meaning living beings within the first harmonic universe that we currently reside in, seek the remembrance of spiritual freedom, which is the key to eternal life.

We are all deeply driven towards this awakening, whether we are consciously aware of it or not.


Eternal life is a state in which lack, fear and longing programs become neutralized so that we may live with inner peace and contentment, thereby aligning with the inner authority to command our own life-experience into being. 


Meet Avatara  

Avatara has undergone an awakening followed by a series of initiations into various paradigms of thought/belief and systems/technologies, for ascension and self-realization.

Initiated through multiple dark nights of the soul weaved into the purgatory bandwidths between the third dimension and dimensions of greater light saturation, Avatara is able to offer guidance to those undergoing an ascension journey by sharing own lived experience and through extensive data sourced through dedicated studies of various technologies of ascension and their direct/tested application. 


Embodiment and the purgatory cycles happen simultaneously, and with each clearing of separation (fragmented) consciousness, space is created for the living light to come in.


Avatara's work and soul purpose is to guide those on a genuine ascension path through the process of embodiment, thereby pouring light into the collective consciousness and assisting in the repair of the architecture of the planetary energy grids. 



Above the Clouds
Module 1
Understanding The Consciousness Harvesting Matrix 

Consciousness harvesting matrix is what the artificial realities of inorganic creation are designed to support. It operates on exploiting DNA trauma of human beings and siphoning creative life force and energy from them, into the harvesting nets. 


This is what causes the depletion of vital energies, aging of the physical body and disappointments in creation/life. 


We are not meant to live in stress and to experience heartbreak, conflict, lack consciousness and other perpetual hidden programming of inner insufficiencies. These are not a natural part of our life-experience.

The focus of this module will be;

  • Learning the history of how the consciousness harvesting matrix came into being

  • Understanding how its gravitational pull affects our human minds and cellular coherence

  • Getting informed about how manufactured conflict between humans is used as a harvesting technology 

  • Learning how manufactured perception about what it means to be in a healthy relating dynamic - as opposed to actually being in a healthy relating dynamic - causes humans to be pulled into the consciousness harvesting nets and embedded into its structures (also known as Karma) 

CEREMONY: Meditations come through based on energies present. Avatara will be tuning into and responding to the unconscious needs of those present for the delivery of information.

Module 1 is offered on Thursday August 20th at 7pm EST.

Module 2
Stabilizing in The Core Vibration ​

Manipulated/manufactured consent has been used by the consciousness harvesting matrix, to trick humans into unconsciously agreeing to embody malevolent consciousness. This is what is allowing the consciousness harvesting matrix to siphon the life out of our own being.

Free-will is not an illusion. When we consciously take back our consent, we bring ourselves back into the core vibration and stabilize in our own being.

The focus of this module will be;


  • Learning how to neutralize the delusions to do with inner insufficiencies

  • Illuminating how organic creation truly operates

  • Understanding your shadow to highlight where the ego personality may be entangling itself with things that trap consciousness

CEREMONY: Meditations come through based on energies present. Avatara will be tuning into and responding to the unconscious needs of those present for the delivery of information. 

Module 2 is offered on Thursday August 27th at 7pm EST.

Module 3
Aligning to Natural Laws of Creation  

True transmutation is possible when we are aware of the schemes of the consciousness harvesting matrix, and the deceit orchestrated by the malevolent forces that are present on our planet.


It is possible to transmute dense consciousness out of the pysical body itself, which allows the DNA to bio-regenerate to its original blueprint of eternal life. 

This is the epitome of ascension.

The focus of this module will be; 

  • Understanding the mechanics of ascension and of allowing the biological vessel to release in-organic patterns and structures, so as to create space for the embodiment of your own higher aspects.

CEREMONY: Meditations come through based on energies present. Avatara will be tuning into and responding to the unconscious needs of those present for the delivery of information.

Module 3 is offered on Thursday September 3rd at 7pm EST.



Shaman Sisters® was born out of Rebeca’s passion for Crystals and Shamanic Practices.  From there, it grew into a Sisterhood united by a desire to connect to our highest self and be the co-creators of our lives and the collective reality.

We humans are powerful beings.  When we operate for the highest good of all and with access to the right tools and resources, all things are possible. 



It is only through understanding the operating systems of the consciousness harvesting matrix that we are empowered to recognize the traps we're caught in.


Imagine a state of being in which you are no longer being manipulated? Where you're effectively embodying spiritual freedom? 

This workshop will help you step closer into that reality.

Once we begin facing our own inner shadows, alongside the collective consciousness encryptions that have been implanted into the cellular memories of our DNA, we will begin to collect the creative life force and energy back from the consciousness harvesting matrix and into the organic embodiment of it's presence.

When we are able to reclaim our consciousness and creative life force, we become aligned with stregth, abundance and prosperity on all levels, and we gain the inner authority to command our own life-experience into being - mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Above the Clouds


Register for Embodying Balanced Harmonics before August 14th and get a 20%OFF discount code to be used towards crystals, ascension jewelry and energy tools from Shaman Sisters Online Store.

Valid from August 14th to August 28th. 

No minimum or maximum spend. Unlimited orders.



This workshop will be delivered via Zoom over the course of three weeks: 

Thursday August 20th, 2020 at 7pmEST

Thursday August 27th, 2020 at 7pmEST and 

Thursday September 3rd, 2020 at 7pmEST

Can't make a date? That's ok. It will be recorded and delivered straight to your inbox, alongside a slideshow for each of the three modules. 

The financial exchange for this event is $177CAD.


However, if you are resonating strongly with the subjects that will be covered and simply cannot attend because of your current financial situation, we impart you to contact us at admin@shamansisters.com with your unique circumstance.


We strive to create space for all, regardless of socio-economic status.

If you have additional questions that have not been answered on this landing page, please contact us at admin@shamansisters.com and Abi will respond to your email within 24 hours of receipt.


The information shared and views expressed in this workshop are not necessarily those shared by Shaman Sisters. We are blessed to have a large audience and seek to hold space for varying viewpoints within the spiritual community.

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