Our Story

Shaman Sisters® was created out of a passion for helping others transform their lives for the better.


Founder, Owner and Shamanic Practitioner Rebecca Keating, realized a long time ago that whole health could never be achieved through a medical framework alone.  That’s when she began her journey of self-healing and started working with a wide range of holistic healing modalities, including crystals.

‘I was blessed to discover crystals and gemstones, not only for their beauty, but for their powerful healing properties as well. I began creating crystal jewelry for personal therapeutic use, and as a form of protection while working with unwell individuals.’


It became obvious to Rebecca that if she could benefit from the clearing, healing, protective and amplifying powers of the crystal jewelry she was designing, that others could too.  That’s when she decided to launch Shaman Sisters® as an online store offering high quality crystals and gemstone jewelry. 


Today, that store exists as an online space and also as a boutique and community hub - The Aura Room - located in the heart of one of Canada’s most beautiful communities, Port Credit Mississauga. 


While the crystal shop offers ethical, quality and high-vibrational crystals and gemstones, ascension jewelry and energy tools, The Aura Room offers a sacred space for spiritual, shamanic and metaphysical healing, ceremony, training and retreats - virtually and in real life.

Our Purpose

At Shaman Sisters® and The Aura Room, our soul purpose is to guide, support and unite those in pursuit of the greatest good of all.

Founded on the principles of Sisterhood, we seek to empower woman from all over the world to rise up, tap into their potential, step into their power, embody their passion and raise their frequency, so that together we may raise the frequency of the planet.

But we’re more than just a girls club, our Sisterhood extends beyond the feminine to include wholesome masculinity. We recognizes, respects and honours the need for a global balance between the feminine and masculine energies, and unique gifts and offerings of each. 

Our Mission

At The Aura Room, we serve our purpose by collaborating with like-minded divine feminine and masculine beings to bring you in person and virtual services, ceremony, workshops, courses and retreats designed to raise your frequency and move you towards alignment with your highest self and greater purpose.

Learn more about our mission by reviewing our Stakeholder Integration Credo.

Our Vision


If we had to sum it up for you, our vision is that of a world where we are ALL - every human and living being - experiencing fulfillment and joy through the realization of our dreams and aspirations, all of which is taking place in service of the greatest good of all!

Aho <3