• Holistic Nutritionist

    Tiffany Pasch

    Tiffany is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Intuitive Health Guide. After falling ill in her early twenties, Tiffany was able to restore her health and vitality through ONLY natural and holistic lifestyle changes, including diet, supplement and essential oil protocols. She is passionate about the inherent wisdom of the body and encouraging positive changes in others. Her guidance will empower you to trust, respect and nurture the innate power of your body to heal itself.

    SERVICES: Intuition Health and Wellness Counselling

    from $255CAD

  • Integrative Counsellor, Yoga Instructor

    Jen Liantzakis

    Jennifer is a certified Child and Youth Worker and Yoga Instructor. She is on a life-long mission to spread love and facilitate healing. Her deep passion for supporting and empowering children, youth and their families is achieved through an integrated, empathetic strengths-based approach to counselling. This process extends beyond traditional talk therapy to include physical movement and breathwork.

    SERVICES: Integrated Counselling, Private Energy Reset

    from FREE Consult Available

  • Human Design Coach

    Arianna Maag

    Arianna has been studying Human Design for years, and was recently trained under Jenna Zoe, a leading Human Design world expert.

    Her experience as a teacher and human resources professional adds practicality to her already intuitive process of interpreting your unique human design. In this way, she is poised to help you recognize and implement the tools that will help you move towards complete self-actualization.

    Arianna’s life work is to empower individuals to realize their energetic make-up, trust in their inner knowing and embrace their unique strengths. She currently offers this through Human Design services and workshops hosted by Shaman Sisters.

    SERVICES: Human Design Reading

    from $225CAD

  • Tuned Sound Therapist

    Jackie Obermeyer, PHD

    Combining her expertise in neuroplasticity with her 25 years of musical training and performance experience, Dr. Jackie Obermeyer has developed a unique strategy for optimizing energetic health and wellbeing.

    Working with specific frequencies and combinations of sound, she helps you disrupt limiting subconscious programming and implement new neuro-architecture to support the growth and evolution of your consciousness. 

    Jackie believes that we all have the capacity to thrive in this world, and that all it takes is finding the right frequencies to support the life experiences that we seek - a process she can facilitate for you.

    SERVICES: Tuned Sound Therapy

    from $130CAD

  • Generational Healing® Practitioner and Teacher

    Melissa Maher

    Melissa mentored under Deborah Skye King, the founder of Generational Healing®, and is now a certified practitioner and teacher of the Sacred Art.

    She is humbled to be working with the Ancestors in releasing the traumatic and emotional densities that are stored within our Generation Lineages and on Mother Earth.

    Her mission is to creating space for you to show up authentically as you are, and to support you in clearing you ancestral lineage so that you may experience a life filled with love and joy.

    Generational Healing® is a deeply personal and profound experience for Melissa and she is honoured to be supporting you on your healing journey.

    SERVICES: Generational Healing®

    from $150CAD

  • Transformative Teacher, Spiritual Mentor & Shamanic Healer

    Alice Soon

    Alice has spent nearly a decade studying various spiritual modalities and practices.

    In 2015, she was called by The Stone People during a serendipitous business trip to Austin, TX. From there, she dove head and heart first into the world of crystal healing, where she has become an ardent student, practitioner and teacher.

    Alice thereafter heard the call of the ancient Shamanic Practices of the Andes and Mystery School Practices of the Egyptians, and went forth to become initiated through the Sacred Lineage of the Andean Masters and Q’ero Medicine People of Peru and the Egyptian pantheon.

    Alice is an ardent student, a joyful and loving teacher and a passionate practitioner of the Sacred Arts. She invites and welcomes those of you who yearn to activate your greatest calling and realize your true potential to work with her and experience the transformative rapture, healing and love of Great Spirit.

    SERVICES: Shamanic Energy Healing, Past-Life Retrieval and Recovery

    from $155CAD



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