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The Aura Room exists as a sacred space for intention, prayer and protection, to amplify limitless possibility and to activate the highest potential in ourselves and those we serve. 


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Generational Healing® Practitioner and Teacher

Generational Healing® is the process of releasing false beliefs and inherited patterns of pain, sadness, guilt and shame, alongside other harmful emotions that have been passed onto us from our ancestors, over multiple generations.


Melissa’s mission is to support women from all walks of life, by creating the space for them to show up authentically as they are, and providing the support they need for clearing their ancestral lineage.


Her goal is to help those who seek it, to free themselves from the patterns and blockages that limit their expression of self and their ability to experience life on their own terms.


Melissa is humbled to be working with the Ancestors, in releasing the traumatic and emotional densities that are stored within our Generation Lineages and on Mother Earth.


Generational Healing® is a deeply personal and profound experience for her, as is supporting others on their healing journey.


Her goal is to help you move closer to a life filled with love and joy! Learn more about our other practitioners or book your session with Melissa today!

"I have become a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason" since meeting Rebecca and the entire Shaman Sisters tribe! A feeling of safety and peace is ever-present in The Aura Room and I always leave with a sense of relief and happiness. 


The energy of the space created by Rebecca is pure and comforting, and bound to provide the boost or release you need right now. For anyone curious and brave enough to start their spiritual journey, I highly recommend the ceremonies, teachings and services offered by Shaman Sisters and The Aura Room.


I like to call them my home away from home, merely visiting instills a sense of belonging.

Julia Alfred


June's Virtual New Moon Ceremony, on Sunday June 21st at 7pm EST

Join us in ceremony with Christine Pensa, as we hold space for the energies brought forth by the Earth, Sun and Moon in their grand alignment in the sky.


This June's new moon coincides with this years Summer Solstice and both take place while the Sun is in its eclipse.


When the moon is new, she is in darkness inviting the stars to shine brighter in her absence. That includes your own interior star. June's New Moon, as it coincides with the motions of the Sun, invites us to embrace rebirth and resurrection within ourselves.


As bringers of Light, you are invited to embrace this particularly potent lunar cycle as a grand opportunity to release and clear old programs and conditionings, so that you may dance into the amplified light of your highest self.

Christine Pensa is a Neo-Ceremonialist, Wayshower, Shamanic Practitioner and Visual Artist who has trained in several Shamanic traditions, including the Qero and Myrrophore lineages. Most of her current work is linked to her studies of DNA the Divine Genome, and The Path of Pollen (now known as the Lyceum), a tradition arising from the lineage of the Oracular Bee Priestesses. Christine is the co-host of The Awakened Woman Self Care Podcast and the co-creator of The Soul Discovery Coloring Book published by Mango. 


Join her in the creation of sacred space for the purpose of calling forth the expansive power of the Divine Feminine, and embark on your journey with us!


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