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The Aura Room exists as a sacred space for intention, prayer and protection, to amplify limitless possibility and to activate the highest potential in ourselves and those we serve. 


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Human Design Coach 

Arianna has been studying Human Design for years, and was recently trained under Jenna Zoe, a leading Human Design world expert.


Her experience as a teacher and human resources professional adds practicality to her already intuitive process of interpreting your unique human design. In this way, she is poised to help you recognize and implement the tools that will help you move towards complete self-actualization.


Arianna’s life work is to empower individuals to realize their energetic make-up, trust in their inner knowing and embrace their unique strengths. She currently offers this through Human Design services and workshops hosted by Shaman Sisters. 

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"I have become a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason" since meeting Rebecca and the entire Shaman Sisters tribe! A feeling of safety and peace is ever-present in The Aura Room and I always leave with a sense of relief and happiness. 


The energy of the space created by Rebecca is pure and comforting, and bound to provide the boost or release you need right now. For anyone curious and brave enough to start their spiritual journey, I highly recommend the ceremonies, teachings and services offered by Shaman Sisters and The Aura Room.


I like to call them my home away from home, merely visiting instills a sense of belonging.

Julia Alfred